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How We Showcase Your Lines

HD Coller Company has booths at the largest gift & souvenir tradeshows up and down
the east coast. We showcase each line our vendors desire.

Step 1: Marketing Campaigns

Our showcase efforts start with pre-show marketing. Vendors attending the tradeshow will be featured in both an email and physical mail-out marketing sheet. These sheets will list the attending vendors, their category of products, along with our booth number to guide visitors to our location.

Step 2: Product Requisition

To aid our display efforts we ask each vendor to provide full sets of samples for each line they would like us to display. If we have displayed your line before then this step will be skipped, as we will store your samples to reuse at future shows. Additionally, for rack products we request a fully dressed rack with branding and product.

Step 3: Booth Setup

Setting up a booth for a tradeshow begins days before the show even starts. Our team arrives in plenty of time to get each display and all products neatly and strategically set for optimal viewing.

Step 4: Meeting Spots

In addition to your products and catalogs being displayed we set up multiple tables to allow for buyers meetings. The goal of these meetings are to close sales on-site. However, alternatively this comfortable environment will trigger a remembrance response in customers to return to us post-show to make their final purchase.
Catch us at the next tradeshow. With our branded ceiling signage, no-one can miss our booth!
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