Jewelry and Ornaments

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AT Storrs

A.T. Storrs is a wholesale provider selling quality jewelry, personalized gifts, and souvenirs since 1975. They offer beautiful products inspired by the natural world to retailers across North America, including the United States and Canada. AT Storrs offers free eye-catching displays to showcase the beautifully packaged items to your customers.

Cool Jewels

Cool Jewels offers all of your jewelry needs, generic and souvenir.

D & D Distributing

D & D Distributing is an importer and manufacturer of toys and fashion accessories. They strive to provide a robust toy and gift selection for your company.

Montana Artistic Expressions

Montana Artistic Impressions strives to constantly update their product line to provide retailers with a wide variety of personalized products and jewelry. MAI is known for their porcelain jewelry. Their porcelain products are designed by in-house porcelain artists.

Mulberry Studios

Mulberry Studios prides themselves on the variety and uniqueness of their range of personalized products. Their lines include items such as bottle openers, magnets, keyrings, coasters, and more.

Puka Creations

Puka Creations is a large scale importer and distributor of trendy products like jewelry, keychains, magnets, personalized products, novelties, and much more.

Squire Boone Village

Squire Boone Village works hard to design innovative, dynamic, and attention grabbing displays. SBV is one of only two rock candy producers still open in the US. They sell products like novelty candy, souvenirs, gifts, candles, jewelry and more.